The little things.

I really enjoy using my Macro lens, I love how it makes you think differently about the subject matter. The smallest detail, imperfection or pattern on a leaf can become the main focus of a great image. 

You can use a Macro lens for many things, however I usually use mine to take photos of plants and flowers as they are so small and detailed and all beautiful in their own way. 

One of the best places to take some Macro shots is along the canal, as there is often a vast variety of trees and flowers plus wildlife too. Though you don't have to travel far to be create with a Macro lens, you can take photos of anything around the house too! Things like jewellery, ornaments or even food can make amazing photos. 

I recently bought a light tent and a couple of cheap lights, so I hope to practice more with that to photograph different items with my Macro lens, but whilst the weather is nice I would much prefer to be outside! 

I would certainly be lost without my Macro lens, there is always something interesting to photograph or at the very least there are always flowers in the garden(or the next door neighbour's garden!) 
So when I have an urge to take some snaps but I am a bit stuck for time or the weather isn't too good, I can simply take a few shots of my many colourful gemstones, or maybe bravely capture the rain drops outside. Very often the most spontaneous photos are the best :) 

Thankfully my trusty lens fits on my new camera! I purchased it about 5 years ago and I have been continually impressed with the quality, so I really didn't want to have to buy another one.
(For anyone who might be interested the lens model is - Sigma 70mm F2.8EX DG Macro Lens)  

See below just a few of my favourite shots using my Macro lens.
Enjoy :) 



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