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3 years. Not perfect, not preaching, just trying.

June 2017 is not only my Birthday month but also my Veganniversary month!
This time 3 years ago I started to live a Vegan lifestyle and I haven't looked back since.
At the beginning I simply cut out the most basic things such as meat, dairy, honey and other food products, but as time went on I changed other items I bought too, such as household products, make up, toiletries and more.
To some people this might sound a bit daunting but to be completely honest I don't miss any animal foods or animal tested items at all. Once your outlook on these products changes you do not see them in the same light anymore.

One thing I have learnt on this journey of mine is that you can always be better, you can always improve! Animals can be used and exploited in so many different ways and we can change our habits in ways we wouldn't imagine, these changes can send a message and slowly make a difference. My Husband and I changed our energy provider, we stopped supporting certain charities…