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"Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" review/randomness

Whenever I finish watching a really good film or TV show I always want to shout my views from the roof tops and make other people watch it, probably in the hope that they will watch it and also love it...maybe even love it for the same reasons.

This is even more true after watching a show on my own, as usually me and the Hubby watch things together but he has been working late this last week, so I decided to start a show which didn't immediately appeal to him (or maybe a show which I know I won't mind re-watching? ha!). It has Elijah Wood as the main character, therefore it got my attention immediately and honestly that is all I really knew about this show before hitting play, but hell I enjoyed it (more so after the first two episodes... though that could partly be because I watched them at 2am in the morning). Yes, I know I need to go to sleep at more reasonable hours, but then I would miss out on valuable viewing time and that is most certainly a valid reason for nearly fal…