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2017 comes to an end

What a strange year!
It so so true what your parents say, each year goes by quicker and quicker than the last.
2017 has certainly flown by, so much so I didn't even see where December went.

I have been pretty busy this year, in January I left my previous job at a Gaming company to head back to Broad Lane Vets as a receptionist. Good move, however the vets is busier than ever! But it is a great team there, and being in a job where I am able to help others (animals and their owners) can only be a good thing. I ended up personally helping a few more small furries than I had intended to!

Amongst keeping in touch with friends and family, playing many a board games with Husband and crew and taking photos, I also did my first bit of activism in 2017 and met some amazing people at West Midlands Connection.
I first met the guys back in January (god love Facebook) and my first time with them involved handing out leaflets on the street in the pouring rain and trying to advertise Veganism, …

Oakham Castle Wedding

Last month I had my second wedding gig! 
I travelled to the lovely town of Oakham for Ria and Mike's big day. The ceremony took place at a fantastic venue called Oakham castle, and the reception was held a stones throw away at Victoria Hall.

I was so much more relaxed at this wedding, I think just shooting one wedding previously made a big difference to my confidence. There are still so many things I need to learn and so many aspects I want to improve on, but I think this is part of being a creative, you never want to stop improving. Neither weddings I have shot are for couples that I knew, not even through friends, so having these guys put their trust in me is a huge thing!  I got this latest wedding job because I am Vegan... really! I posted a link to my website on a Vegan FB group a little while back and this is what happened. Vegan wedding catering all round! (Yes, the cake was to die for).

I drove up to Oakham from Kenilworth on the morning of the wedding (roughly 1 hour 30 …