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Three countries in 5 days :)

At the end of May I had a short holiday to Dubrovnik, Croatia. What a gorgeous place! I have been to Croatia once before, we stayed in Zadar and didn't travel around too much but it was clear to see what a wonderful country it is, so since then I have always wanted to go back. This time my Husband booked us to go (as a Christmas present) and we hired a car so we could travel across the borders into Bosnia and Montenegro too. The scenery was beautiful in all three countries and I probably took one too many photos (if that is at all possible?).

We had a busy four days! The first day we spent in Dubrovnik, we wondered around the old town and found our bearings. We then decided to take advice from a local and take a trip up to the mountain via cable car...pretty awesome choice.

Our second day took us to Montenegro! Our drive there was about two hours plus 30 minutes at the border. Our green pass and paperwork were sorted ahead of time by the hire car company, this was really good and we ha…