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I will be honest, i never thought for a minute i would be Vegan. Everyone that knows me is well aware i have a huge heart for all animals, yet i was still eating them until a few months ago.

I had wanted to be a vegetarian for a long while but for some reason i kept putting it off, i don't know why. Then April this year i decided to cut out meat, but still eat fish for a while so it wasn't a huge change all at once. It was actually pretty easy, i didn't miss a steak or a burger as much as i thought i would. So after a few weeks i cut out fish/sea food too and didn't eat meat at all.

Then when Craig (the other half) went off on his 2 week trip to the Balkans i decided to order the shopping Vegan style just to see how it would be. I bought many different things including soya milk and non dairy spread, these were the two main things i was worried about not liking, especially as i was in love with the taste of Lurpak!

Again i found the transition surprisingly easy, maybe …

Lazy, Lazy, Lazy.....

I have been so lazy with this blog, it is a bit ridiculous!

Probably because i haven't been taking that many photos, i haven't then been posting them etc...
But this really needs to change, i need to make time!

I find after an evening or a week of being generally more creative and active i feel better in myself, it is revitalising.

So see below the kind of photos i have been taking this last year, i hope you like ;)

And i hope i make the effort to produce more images to share asap!