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Animals, animals and more animals

You may have guessed by my blog, Flickr or Facebook that I love animals! Furry, woolly, big, small, tails or no tails, feathers or no get the picture :)

Whenever I have my camera with me I try and keep an eye out for wildlife, dogs (or ferrets) on a walk, ducks chilling out or sheep roaming around a field.

I have a few ideas/plans lined up for more fun and interesting animal themed photos.

Abbey Fields near me is a favourite for dog walkers and I hope to get some photos of dogs and maybe their owners too (if they allow). I would love to make a little collection of Kenilworth doggies! It could also be a good opportunity for me to hand out business cards or flyers too, with an added personal touch.

I would also really love to get some great shots of cows, lambs, pigs etc... I am planning to visit a few animal sanctuaries this year to take some photos of their rescued animals. A lot of these places are not often open to the public, so I will probably have to contact them …

The little things.

I really enjoy using my Macro lens, I love how it makes you think differently about the subject matter. The smallest detail, imperfection or pattern on a leaf can become the main focus of a great image. 
You can use a Macro lens for many things, however I usually use mine to take photos of plants and flowers as they are so small and detailed and all beautiful in their own way. 
One of the best places to take some Macro shots is along the canal, as there is often a vast variety of trees and flowers plus wildlife too. Though you don't have to travel far to be create with a Macro lens, you can take photos of anything around the house too! Things like jewellery, ornaments or even food can make amazing photos. 

I recently bought a light tent and a couple of cheap lights, so I hope to practice more with that to photograph different items with my Macro lens, but whilst the weather is nice I would much prefer to be outside! 
I would certainly be lost without my Macro lens, there is always som…

Extreme?... Carnage (It needs to be watched!)

Over the last few years I have had many weird, insensitive and stupid things said to me relating to veganism, and one of the many descriptions i have been tarnished with is "Extreme".

Isn’t it strange to think that someone who lives a Vegan lifestyle is often called extreme?

Whilst watching Simon Amstell’s new mockumentary “Carnage”, I was reminded of this thought. 

The definition of the word extreme -
You use extreme to describe opinions, beliefs, or political movements which you disapprove of because they are very different from those that most people would accept as reasonable or normal.You can use the word in a number of ways, but it is not usually used in a particulary good sense, and a better example of it's meaning may be -   far from what is usual or conventional
Is calling someone Extreme the same as calling them as an Extremist? -
a person who holds extreme political or religious views, especially one who advocates illegal, violent, or other extreme action However, wh…

Take me back to Greece

One of my favourite places I have visited in relation to my Photography would have to be Greece.  We went a couple of years back and I was really pleased with the images i captured. There was such diversity in the landscapes and scenery, plus the weather was amazing. 
Whilst there we stayed at a family members apartment in Chaniotis (Halkidiki). 
Check it out on the Map...
A hire car made it pretty easy to reach a number of beautiful places near by such as Kassandra, Nes Fokea and Nea Skioni.
This was my first trip to Greece and i would love to go back at some-point in the future, hopefully somewhere close to Athens as i imagine you could take some great photos there. 
These are some of my favourite photos from the trip taken at various places around the Halkidiki region. Enjoy :) 

Cuba - Varadero and Havana.

My last post but one was from 2014, since then i have still continued with my photography, mainly taking snaps of nature and landscapes. 
I will try and do a fair few posts of my favourite or most interesting images from the last few years, this way i can fill in the gaps on my photography journey. 
However, if you want to go and check out all my work now you can go to my Flickr page where i post pretty much everything... Flickr My official website needs a bit of an update to include my Instagram and Blog links and a shuffle round of images but you can still give it a look... CharlotteChapmanPhotography
The first set of images below are taken in Cuba (2015), i thought it would be good place to start as it is where i got married! It is a beautiful place and I am glad we chose to get married there. 

(Varadero beach) 
(Outside out hotel room in Varadero) 
 (View from a cafe in Havana) 
(Street cat in Havana)
(View from our hotel in Havana)
(Swimming pool at our Havana Hotel)
(Dog in Hav…

Let's try this Blog thingy again...

Okay, I am going to try and keep this blog going this time, though "try" might be the key word here!

My last post was from 2014 and it was regarding my change to Veganism, and believe it or not I am still alive, I have't died from lack of nutrients...yet ;)

I hope to use this Blog to show my photography and also talk about food, animal rights and maybe some other bits and bobs along the way. Lets just see if i can keep it up this time!

Below i have added a bunch of photos to show some of the food/meals i have been eating over the last couple of years or we all know that Vegans only eat carrot sticks and hummus right?

If you need links to any of the recipes or restaurants just gimme a shout!

(The Garden Shed - Leamington Spa - Sunday Roast) 

(Cookies and Scream - London - Choc cake and ice cream) 
(Thai Kitchen - Kenilworth - Curry) 
(Veg, beans and nut cutlet) 
(Cottage pie - vegan style) 
(Chilli and tortillas)
(Las Iguanas - Tembleque dessert)
(The Ga…