Cuba - Varadero and Havana.

My last post but one was from 2014, since then i have still continued with my photography, mainly taking snaps of nature and landscapes. 

I will try and do a fair few posts of my favourite or most interesting images from the last few years, this way i can fill in the gaps on my photography journey. 

However, if you want to go and check out all my work now you can go to my Flickr page where i post pretty much everything... Flickr
My official website needs a bit of an update to include my Instagram and Blog links and a shuffle round of images but you can still give it a look... CharlotteChapmanPhotography

The first set of images below are taken in Cuba (2015), i thought it would be good place to start as it is where i got married! It is a beautiful place and I am glad we chose to get married there. 

(Varadero beach) 

(Outside out hotel room in Varadero) 

 (View from a cafe in Havana) 

(Street cat in Havana)

(View from our hotel in Havana)

(Swimming pool at our Havana Hotel)

(Dog in Havana)

(Havana Cathedral) 

(Varadero beach)


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