Let's try this Blog thingy again...

Okay, I am going to try and keep this blog going this time, though "try" might be the key word here!

My last post was from 2014 and it was regarding my change to Veganism, and believe it or not I am still alive, I have't died from lack of nutrients...yet ;)

I hope to use this Blog to show my photography and also talk about food, animal rights and maybe some other bits and bobs along the way. Lets just see if i can keep it up this time!

Below i have added a bunch of photos to show some of the food/meals i have been eating over the last couple of years or so...as we all know that Vegans only eat carrot sticks and hummus right?

If you need links to any of the recipes or restaurants just gimme a shout!

(The Garden Shed - Leamington Spa - Sunday Roast) 

(Cookies and Scream - London - Choc cake and ice cream) 

(Thai Kitchen - Kenilworth - Curry) 

(Veg, beans and nut cutlet) 

(Cottage pie - vegan style) 

(Chilli and tortillas)

(Las Iguanas - Tembleque dessert)

(The Garden Shed - Leamington - Fry Up) 

(Nandos - Salad and chips)

(Thai curry)

(Giant Couscous chilli)

(VeggyDays - Florence - Cheesecake)

(Chocolate cake) 

(Nanas cafe - Leamington - Rice and veggie side dishes) 

(3 Threes - Birmingham - Panini, pakora and brownies) 

(Kayal - Leamington - Lunch curry) 

(3 Threes - Birmingham - Panini and cake) 

(Christmas left overs - Mushroom wellington and veggies)

(Another curry) 

(Homemade Pizza - using Sainsbury's Gary cheese)

(Roast veggies and salad)

(Bagels, hummus, cheese and salad)


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