Vegan food in Japan

Wow, I cannot believe we went to Japan in March/April and I still have not made my food blog! I have been super manic this year, my day job has been extra crazy, plus my photography has been busier too. Time really does fly by!
I will probably make multiple blog posts for Japan as there are so many things to talk about and so many photos to share. This first blog will simply be about food...glorious food.

I wish I had written down more details or saved more websites as I was going along, so sorry for not having all the details or websites for each and every meal :(

However, I hope you can still see how awesome the food was! About 90% of the images are taken on my phone, so not always amazing photos. I didn't want to get my Nikon out for every meal as I was having too much fun, plus so much walking made me extra hungry and the plates were not full for long.

My Husband and I had wanted to go to Japan for a long time, way before we were vegan. So when we finally came around to decidi…

Animal Justice Project

I recently worked with the Animal Justice Project to take some new photos of their awesome merchandise.
If you have not heard of Animal Justice Project then please check out their website

They are a hard working organisation trying to grab peoples attention and expose them to the horrid realities of animal experiments & injustice. AJP mainly work towards educating and raising awareness about the cruel and unnecessary animal experiments taking place in UK universities.

AJPs most recent campaign called "Lifeline" focuses on speciesism and gets people thinking about animals used in food production and experiments, asking them where do you draw the line? 

So many individuals own companion pets and wouldn't dream of harming certain animals such as cats and dogs, though they decide to eat meat or purchase products which are tested on animals. Without knowing, there is an invisible line being drawn, though it is not that invisible to the animals which are at the receiving …

Newborn baby boy, jack russell terrier and a kitty cat = FUN

What a fun shoot this was, I was looking forward to taking snaps of 8 day old Edsion but little did I know there would be a dog and cat in tow too. I admit it was hard for me to not just follow Nala the kitty cat round for the entire shoot. Don't get me wrong, Edison was a little darling but cats simply have the most expressive and beautiful faces. (Nala in particular!)  

This is only my third newborn shoot, other than random snaps of friends kids here and there. I have certainly decided I want to continue with the more natural lifestyle look for my newborn work, I think this shoot really confirmed that for me. Don't get me wrong I still have so much to learn when it comes to working with babies and family shoots in general, but at least I have something to work with and a style to head towards.

I loved taking some detail shots of bits and bobs to compliment the other images, I think this can add a nice personal touch and give some nostalgia to the overall shoot.  
Pepsi the terr…