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Vegan food in Japan

Wow, I cannot believe we went to Japan in March/April and I still have not made my food blog! I have been super manic this year, my day job has been extra crazy, plus my photography has been busier too. Time really does fly by!
I will probably make multiple blog posts for Japan as there are so many things to talk about and so many photos to share. This first blog will simply be about food...glorious food.

I wish I had written down more details or saved more websites as I was going along, so sorry for not having all the details or websites for each and every meal :(

However, I hope you can still see how awesome the food was! About 90% of the images are taken on my phone, so not always amazing photos. I didn't want to get my Nikon out for every meal as I was having too much fun, plus so much walking made me extra hungry and the plates were not full for long.

My Husband and I had wanted to go to Japan for a long time, way before we were vegan. So when we finally came around to decidi…