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Animals in laboratories

Back in April I took part in the amazing march through Birmingham city centre for the"World day for animals in laboratories".
So many people turned up, the majority of people had either made signs, had leaflets to hand or even dressed up in lab coats stained in blood.
This was the first big protest I had been on and I felt quite emotional at times, it was such an intense day where fellow animal right activists were shouting the same heart felt chants to the city of Birmingham. 

Animal testing can be a very touchy subject, of course this is understandable.
We all know someone who has had to suffer through awful diseases such as cancer or heart disease, and like everyone else I wish that did not have to happen, but how is it right to push all that pain, terror and torture onto innocent, voiceless and helpless beings?

To disagree and speak out about animal testing does not mean we do not want progression to be made, for people to get better or for scientific research to conti…

First Wedding Gig

This September I was a wedding photographer for the day! For the first ever time! I would be lying if I said I was not as nervous as hell on the morning...maybe even more nervous than the bride?
I have not really advertised myself as being a wedding photographer and I haven't ever really pushed that side of my work or tried to get booked, I think mainly because it scares the living daylight out of me! It is someone's big day after all! 
The Bride got in touch with me after her wedding photographer had cancelled on her with a month or so to go till the day, on the phone call I was pretty clear and up front about not having done a wedding before and I told her to drop me an email with all the details and so on.  Admittedly I nearly turned it down, but I think the fact the wedding was in Kenilworth, the Bride and Groom live up the road (like two seconds up the road!), they seemed friendly and relatively relaxed, and were open about not expecting photographs to rival professional…