First Wedding Gig

This September I was a wedding photographer for the day! For the first ever time!
I would be lying if I said I was not as nervous as hell on the morning...maybe even more nervous than the bride?
I have not really advertised myself as being a wedding photographer and I haven't ever really pushed that side of my work or tried to get booked, I think mainly because it scares the living daylight out of me! It is someone's big day after all! 

The Bride got in touch with me after her wedding photographer had cancelled on her with a month or so to go till the day, on the phone call I was pretty clear and up front about not having done a wedding before and I told her to drop me an email with all the details and so on. 
Admittedly I nearly turned it down, but I think the fact the wedding was in Kenilworth, the Bride and Groom live up the road (like two seconds up the road!), they seemed friendly and relatively relaxed, and were open about not expecting photographs to rival professional wedding togs for thousands of pounds...So I thought, OKAY! 

Two weeks prior to the day I met up with the Bride and Groom in Abbey fields, we had a look around the church and I got a feel for what they were after and noted down rough time lines for the day. I felt better after meeting the couple and I actually started to get excited as well as nervous. 

The week before the wedding I tested my flash head and it would not work for love nor money! So I ended up having to purchase a new one and pray it turned up in time! I must have checked my camera bag about fifty times before I left the house, and deciding what to wear? Well that was a job in itself.

But dear me did the day go quickly, I arrived at 2pm to the Bride's house and I left the reception at just gone 9pm. I hardly ate a bean, but I was not even hungry. I was quite anxious for some of the day, but overall I enjoyed fave part was taking some shots with their lovely dog!
I think as a photographer or an artist we are always really hard on ourselves and always look at the negatives and think of the things we should improve. For example it was very sunny after the ceremony, so the photos we had in mind for the group shots over looking the lake in Abbey Fields just weren't going to work well, as the sun was directly behind us. I did feel as though I had let the bride down and I am not used to being in this position (especially with 70 odd people all looking at me), but I feel that this is something you have to learn along the way.
I certainly learnt a lot from the day, It was a fab experience and for my first wedding gig I am really pleased with the results.

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and the Bride and Groom and their guests were lovely and welcoming. I wish them all the happiness for their future and I really enjoyed being part of their big day.

See below a small selection of the images :) 
I will be updating my official website shortly to include some wedding shots (and a new logo! Eeeekkkk)

Thanks for reading (and looking!)
Have a fab day! And remember to keep me in mind for any of your photography needs :) x x x 



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