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New Year...

So since my last post i have not taken any photos as intended...well not outside/landscape images like i wanted to do.
The weather has been horrible, rainy and no frost like i hoped for! However that is no excuse.
The only images i have really taken are some shots at my house just playing around with my Macro lens, see below the photo of one of my many owls that are scattered around my house!

I have been pretty busy with Xmas, visiting family and chilling out before i have to go back to work. Craig and I have been pretty geeky this Christmas break, mostly playing games, either Borderlands 2 on the Xbox, or our new LOTRs role playing card game which my brother bought us for Christmas!
I have recently had to take one of my rats to the vets and i am keeping a close on eye on her, which is quite difficult with four rats whom are all crazy in their own little ways!
The two older ones Hermione and Marky Mark are now 1 year old and the other two Luna and Skarsgard are a few months. There are …

Lazy Times...

Again i have been incredibly lazy with anything creative as of be honest i have no excuse, busy or not busy. I am hoping to get up early either Thursday or Friday next week (as i am off work those two days) and take some snaps of the beautiful, yet bitterly cold mornings. The frost is so amazing and everything just looks magical, so i will hopefully have some new images on here just before Xmas...but for the moment all i have are two mobile camera shots from the park just next to the offices i work at.
I thought the sky and light frost was just gorgeous, i need to keep taking shots like these on a weekly basis, but not with my mobile!
Next week i aim for more photos like these and better, and for the new year i am also setting myself some goals, photography related as well as general things.

New Look Website.

I have a new look website up and running now, made by my other half and you can find his website here...
I like the new look, very simple, clean, no mess, i just need to get to work with more new shoots to add to it now! I do have one or two photo shoots in the coming month though, so new photos coming soon :)
Preview below. Go check it out.


I really need to sort out more photo shoots, i have become too lazy recently.
Up until about 3 months ago i worked most weekends so i kind of had an excuse for not doing much photography, but now my weekends just seem to be taken up with random events and housework...and more housework.
I do need to break the habit though, and push myself more to organize shoots even it is me on my own walking round the streets with my Macro lens in hand.
My last proper shoot was in July! Too long ago now!
Model is Andra Colcer, she did her own makeup for this shoot, styling too.
This was the third time i have worked with her, she is really great, and very easy to work with.
See some photos below :)


Wednesday evening i arrived back into cold England after spending 3 nights in Croatia with 6 friends.
Had a great time, but wish i could have fit my proper camera into my pathetic Ryan Air hand luggage!! :(
It was a lovely place and there were so many interesting views to shoot and explore, i think i would have taken a massive amount of photos if i could! 

I would certainly head back to Croatia at some point, as it was only a short flight, which for someone who hates flying is pretty handy.

I would however stay nearer sandy beaches rather than pebbles,though there are few in Croatia, but still a lovely place to visit where food is good and very cheap, most places don't seem to be very touristy yet which makes a nice change.

We visited " Plitvice Lakes National Park" and the scenery there was beautiful, like stepping into another world. It is one of the oldest national parks in Europe, with many series of waterfalls, sixteen lakes and gorgeous woodland.…
Lets start this Blog off with something a little interesting (well to me anyhow!).
I recently visited the Harry Potter Studio Tour down at the Warner Bro studios. I had such a fab day, even though i was excited and had heard good things about it from friends who had already been, i was shocked by how good it was and how much i enjoyed it.

There are a couple of surprises in store and there was so much more there than i thought there would be! We were looking around for hours, and when we came to the end i was pretty gutted!
Though i think we did spend another hour in the gift shop, expensive as i expected, but a good choice of goodies.
I am certainly booking this again for my Mum and Dad as they will love it, and i may possibly go again :)

You can see more photos on my Facebook however i have just added a few below, but i didn't want to add too many as it is best to go and not know what to expect!

I am now certainly in the mood for a Harry Potter movie marathon, i forgot just how …
This is my first ever Blog!
I cannot think why i didn't make one sooner?
I will use this blog mainly to show my photography and to start a new Birmingham street Style project, however i will also talk about places i have been, inspiration i come across and other wonderful things...well that is the idea anyway.
I have put my creative ideas aside for too long, making excuses such as moving house (though that was nearly a year ago now!), or getting a new job, but i have now settled in my house and my job, so now is the time to experiment and do what i really love to creative.