Wednesday evening i arrived back into cold England after spending 3 nights in Croatia with 6 friends.
Had a great time, but wish i could have fit my proper camera into my pathetic Ryan Air hand luggage!! :(
It was a lovely place and there were so many interesting views to shoot and explore, i think i would have taken a massive amount of photos if i could! 

My favourite photo of the holiday, taken right round the corner from where we were staying.
Wish this was taken on my Nikon though instead of my phone!

National Park 

Photo taken by Liam :) 

Some of the waterfalls at Plitvice national park. 

I would certainly head back to Croatia at some point, as it was only a short flight, which for someone who hates flying is pretty handy.

I would however stay nearer sandy beaches rather than pebbles,though there are few in Croatia, but still a lovely place to visit where food is good and very cheap, most places don't seem to be very touristy yet which makes a nice change.

We visited " Plitvice Lakes National Park" and the scenery there was beautiful, like stepping into another world. It is one of the oldest national parks in Europe, with many series of waterfalls, sixteen lakes and gorgeous woodland.

We also visited the old town in Zadar which had some lovely buildings and little shops, and also many, many, many ice cream flavours! 


We ate plenty of ice cream and pizza, the boys even went skinny dipping, without the girls!!! We played Munchkin drinking games and soaked up the warm weather, not having to think about going to work the next day, good break which i really needed!            


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