New Year...

So since my last post i have not taken any photos as intended...well not outside/landscape images like i wanted to do.
The weather has been horrible, rainy and no frost like i hoped for! However that is no excuse.
The only images i have really taken are some shots at my house just playing around with my Macro lens, see below the photo of one of my many owls that are scattered around my house!

One of my many, many, many owls! 

I have been pretty busy with Xmas, visiting family and chilling out before i have to go back to work. Craig and I have been pretty geeky this Christmas break, mostly playing games, either Borderlands 2 on the Xbox, or our new LOTRs role playing card game which my brother bought us for Christmas!

My Violin i had for Christmas!
I have recently had to take one of my rats to the vets and i am keeping a close on eye on her, which is quite difficult with four rats whom are all crazy in their own little ways!
The two older ones Hermione and Marky Mark are now 1 year old and the other two Luna and Skarsgard are a few months. There are all girls, however Craig thought it would be great if he named two after actors i liked...stupid i know!

Hermione and Marky Mark

For the new year i hope that Hermione's antibiotics work and shes gets better soon as possible!
I am also taking up a new hobby, learning to play the violin! Craig got me a violin for Xmas and i have my first lesson booked for Thursday, so excited! I have been wanting to play for a little while now, as i played a long, long time ago when i was in primary school and always wished i had kept it up. I am not expecting to be brilliant any time soon, but with practice and determination who knows!  

I will of course continue with photography in the new year, however other things such as taking extra special care of my little rat babies and learning the violin are just a couple of other enjoyments i will be making more time for.
Photography is something i will always do, and i will always be interested in, thought i think right at this moment it is not the most important thing and i just want to enjoy it when i can. 

Happy New Year everyone, and more posts to come in 2013 :) 


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