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Just got back from Falmouth on Friday, i have been to Cornwall many times before when i was younger but i have never been to Falmouth. It is certainly worth a visit!

I had a brilliant time with Craig and his family...lots of tea and cake, ice cream, more food, open fires, beaches, boats, sun, cosy sofas, road trips and more! : )

We stayed in the most gorgeous house looking out to the estuary, with a cute beach and lovely views.

I took some photos for the first time in a while, i have been spending most my spare time giving lots of love to the rats and also learning the violin, so it was really nice to take some photos whilst on holiday with so much time to spare!

(We also took the 3 rat girls on holiday with us and they had a play on the sand too! Photos to come soon...)

Kenilworth in the Winter

I actually took some photos last week! Craig and i went for a walk round Abbey fields and the surrounding area, these are just a couple of shots i took, hopefully i will upload some more soon!