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Newborn baby boy, jack russell terrier and a kitty cat = FUN

What a fun shoot this was, I was looking forward to taking snaps of 8 day old Edsion but little did I know there would be a dog and cat in tow too. I admit it was hard for me to not just follow Nala the kitty cat round for the entire shoot. Don't get me wrong, Edison was a little darling but cats simply have the most expressive and beautiful faces. (Nala in particular!)  

This is only my third newborn shoot, other than random snaps of friends kids here and there. I have certainly decided I want to continue with the more natural lifestyle look for my newborn work, I think this shoot really confirmed that for me. Don't get me wrong I still have so much to learn when it comes to working with babies and family shoots in general, but at least I have something to work with and a style to head towards.

I loved taking some detail shots of bits and bobs to compliment the other images, I think this can add a nice personal touch and give some nostalgia to the overall shoot.  
Pepsi the terr…

Leonni & Matt's Wedding

My third wedding gig was a right treat and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 
I will be honest in saying that the morning did not start out too great! For some reason it decided to snow in the middle of March. Driving out of Kenilworth I tried to make it down a steep hill which ended with my car going over a grass verge and straight into the middle of a main road, thankfully it was very early on a snowy Sunday morning, so nobody was around!!! 

When I arrived at the venue the car-park was not open and there didn't seem to be any staff at the venue, shortly after I got there the Groom and Best Man arrived so we sat in my warm car until someone let us in (haha one way to break to ice). Thankfully it went smoothly from then on! 

The ceremony was short and sweet and the happy couple both looked so happy. Leonni was glowing and looked so beautiful, I was excited to capture the rest of their day. I hadn't taken photos at a registry office before, but the way the room was decorated was lovely and…