Newborn baby boy, jack russell terrier and a kitty cat = FUN

What a fun shoot this was, I was looking forward to taking snaps of 8 day old Edsion but little did I know there would be a dog and cat in tow too. I admit it was hard for me to not just follow Nala the kitty cat round for the entire shoot. Don't get me wrong, Edison was a little darling but cats simply have the most expressive and beautiful faces. (Nala in particular!)  

This is only my third newborn shoot, other than random snaps of friends kids here and there. I have certainly decided I want to continue with the more natural lifestyle look for my newborn work, I think this shoot really confirmed that for me. Don't get me wrong I still have so much to learn when it comes to working with babies and family shoots in general, but at least I have something to work with and a style to head towards.

I loved taking some detail shots of bits and bobs to compliment the other images, I think this can add a nice personal touch and give some nostalgia to the overall shoot.  
Pepsi the terrier is about 10 years old now and she was adamant to try and get into every shot, we gave her a treat to distract her for a bit! She is obviously very loved and I think the little mug and cushion combo show this. 

I know newborn shoots have become very popular in recent years, most are very over posed studio shoots. Of course some of these images can be stunning but for me they are usually too twee and overworked for my taste. I would like to attempt some studio type shots at some point but probably very simple black and white images without the props and sickly poses.
I tried not to do posed images for this shoot, I mostly let them get on with their day. Feeding, changing, giving cuddles, trying to get Edison in shot rather than Pepsi! :)

I really do love taking close up shots with my Macro lens, especially as babies grow so quickly and their tiny hands and feet do not stay tiny for long. I wanted to get a good balance between these types of shots and more candid images. For this shoot I used all three of my lens and this gave me a good amount of freedom to capture different photos. I also tried to take a few images which were a bit abstract but showed the connection and the bond of their family.

Dan and Elinor welcomed me into their home and made me feel very much at ease, I felt happy and comfortable sitting back, relaxing and working with a cuppa. It is was lovely to witness them with their first baby when he was just eight days old, it was an absolute pleasure and I would love to do more work like this (additional animals not required but preferred).
It was easy to see see how well loved and cared for little Edison and the fur babies are and I hope they can see those emotions through my images :)

See below some more photos from the day.
Enjoy. C x



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