I will be honest, i never thought for a minute i would be Vegan. Everyone that knows me is well aware i have a huge heart for all animals, yet i was still eating them until a few months ago.

I had wanted to be a vegetarian for a long while but for some reason i kept putting it off, i don't know why. Then April this year i decided to cut out meat, but still eat fish for a while so it wasn't a huge change all at once. It was actually pretty easy, i didn't miss a steak or a burger as much as i thought i would. So after a few weeks i cut out fish/sea food too and didn't eat meat at all.

Then when Craig (the other half) went off on his 2 week trip to the Balkans i decided to order the shopping Vegan style just to see how it would be. I bought many different things including soya milk and non dairy spread, these were the two main things i was worried about not liking, especially as i was in love with the taste of Lurpak!

Again i found the transition surprisingly easy, maybe this was partly down to the things i had recently discovered about the meat and dairy industry, horrific things i simply was not aware of before.

So a few months on and i am still Vegan, and still i do not miss meat or dairy. Trust me, i used to eat quite a lot of meat, and i will be honest i love the taste of a well cooked chicken breast or a big juicy steak, but my mind set has completely changed from the research i have done and the way that i feel.

Not only do i feel healthier and slimmer, i also feel happier in myself.

I cannot pin point the exact second i decided i would become Vegan, but i do remember thinking about the fact i attend the occasional greyhound racing protests (including running a half marathon for the beauties) and give monthly donations to multiple animal charities, yet i still eat animals. To me that suddenly didn't feel right.

I will be cheesy now and say it is the best thing i have done in a long time, and i wish i had made the change ages ago.

Now to add some colour to the post...see below just a tiny snippet of the foods Craig and i have been eating.

Also if you have 5 seconds please check out this really great, fun and informative website....

Stir fry, Veg and chilli pasta, Asparagus and chick pea pasta, Vegan Sausage with roast potatoes and veg

Craig's delightful rock cake, My Darth Vader Mocha cookies, raw chocolate cake and blueberry strudel. 

Vegan Pizza @


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