Three countries in 5 days :)

At the end of May I had a short holiday to Dubrovnik, Croatia. What a gorgeous place!
I have been to Croatia once before, we stayed in Zadar and didn't travel around too much but it was clear to see what a wonderful country it is, so since then I have always wanted to go back.
This time my Husband booked us to go (as a Christmas present) and we hired a car so we could travel across the borders into Bosnia and Montenegro too.
The scenery was beautiful in all three countries and I probably took one too many photos (if that is at all possible?).

Heading to Dubrovnik - Gotta love an aeroplane window shot! 

We had a busy four days! The first day we spent in Dubrovnik, we wondered around the old town and found our bearings. We then decided to take advice from a local and take a trip up to the mountain via cable car...pretty awesome choice.


Our second day took us to Montenegro! Our drive there was about two hours plus 30 minutes at the border. Our green pass and paperwork were sorted ahead of time by the hire car company, this was really good and we had no issues getting in and out of Croatia.
The weather was horrid in Montenegro until about 4 O'clock, but we still managed to explore the city of Kotor which is filled with cats and more cats! We even climbed up the side of the mountain to overlook the city, I think the rain was probably in our favour as if it had been as hot as the previous day we would have really struggled!

Kotor - Montenegro 

Cat in the mountain - Kotor

On the third day of our trip we travelled into Bosnia, again it took us around 2 hours or so to get to Mostar but this time the border crossing took just a few minutes.  
I think I found Bosnia the most beautiful of the three countries, a strange thing to say as of course they are all very close and very similar. For whatever reason I felt more at home in Bosnia and I would really love to go back and explore some more. 

Travelling through Bosnia
Bosnia scenery 

Before we got to the city of Mostar we stopped off at an amazing place called Kravice waterfalls. 
It is such a serene place which is a little hidden away but certainly worth searching for! The sound of the waterfalls and birds with the addition of  gorgeous couldn't have been any prettier?Photos of the waterfalls are on the way!

We parked the car just on the outskirts of Mostar's centre, about 15 minutes walk from the famous bridge. I am pretty glad we parked where we did as we came across lots of cool scenes such as abandoned buildings, graffiti and more and more cool graffiti.

Loved the abandoned buildings in Bosnia

Awesome graffiti in Mostar, Bosnia

More funky graffiti in Mostar. Spot the cat? 

Mostar is a really cute place to visit and walk around. The Mostar bridge is stunning and well worth seeing! It almost looks like something out of a Disney movie with the beautiful river below and splendid buildings and views in each direction. The rest of Mostar is pretty too with many little stalls and market shops selling all sorts of souvenirs and art work. One word of advice is to wear shoes with good grip though...wedges and a maxi dress=bad idea. The pavement/flooring in the old part of Mostar is really attractive but very slippery so I spent a lot of the time carefully holding onto my Husband or any near-by walls! 

Again, photo of the bridge is on the way :)

Travelling back through Bosnia 

Our last day in Croatia was spent on Lokrum Island. You can see the island from Dubrovnik's harbour and it only takes about 15 minutes on the boat to get across (good job too, I do not do well on boats!). Honestly, I thought the Island would just be some trees a cafe and a few nice views ...not that any of that is a bad thing! But I was really surprised by how great the Island was, there were many trails and walks to follow, amazing scenery, places to swim, activities, lovely restaurants, the Game of Throne's throne, gardens, oh and best of all a huge amount of hilariously loud peacocks and giant fluffy rabbits! 

Lokrum Island - Just off the coast of Dubrovnik 

Dubrovnik is a magnificent city, but it really comes alive at night. The way the old town is lit up makes it all so much more mysterious and inviting. There are lots of bars and restaurants, many tucked away down decorative side streets and some often have live music too.

Croatia is most certainly a place worth visiting, even if you only stay in Dubrovnik there is plenty to see and do, especially if you like boat tours, historic old buildings, Game of Thrones and more. However, if you have the chance I really would reccomend hiring a car as the coast of Croatia is amazing to drive along, plus there are other great places to visit such as Split, Zadar and Poreć.

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I will do another blog post soon, most likely about my updated website.

Though I am also working on some info regarding Vegan cosmetics and products, as I often have people ask me what and where I buy cruelty free stuff :) 

Thanks for checking out my blog! Any feedback or comments welcome. :)
CC xxx

Night time in Dubrovnik - CM for Charlotte McNicholas
(though maybe i should have done CCP for Charlotte Chapman Photography?)



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