Animal Justice Project

I recently worked with the Animal Justice Project to take some new photos of their awesome merchandise.
If you have not heard of Animal Justice Project then please check out their website

They are a hard working organisation trying to grab peoples attention and expose them to the horrid realities of animal experiments & injustice. AJP mainly work towards educating and raising awareness about the cruel and unnecessary animal experiments taking place in UK universities.

AJPs most recent campaign called "Lifeline" focuses on speciesism and gets people thinking about animals used in food production and experiments, asking them where do you draw the line? 

So many individuals own companion pets and wouldn't dream of harming certain animals such as cats and dogs, though they decide to eat meat or purchase products which are tested on animals. Without knowing, there is an invisible line being drawn, though it is not that invisible to the animals which are at the receiving end of that simple choice.

Campaigns such as these are becoming more apparent, you may often see peaceful protects and demonstrations in major cities up and down the country. Bringing these images and questions to attention in busy town centres can really make people stop and think, especially when the likes of Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch are helping to support the cause!

I had a great time on the photoshoot, it is all the more interesting when you are working with like-minded people. We used the back streets of Digbeth for some gritty backdrops, also appreciating some amazing graffiti along the way.

AMJ have a variety of t-shirts you can purchase in many different colours (the blue is my fave) as well as beanies and tote bags. You can find and buy the designs on their Etsy page.
(Shout out to Luke and Layla for doing a fab job modelling the merch!)

Early November I will be taking photographs at a Lifeline demo so watch this space. If you fancy coming along to an event and finding out more then check out their Facebook page.

See some of the photos below. Again, thanks to AJP for letting me be involved.

PS - If any vegan charities or businesses are looking for a compassionate photographer then please drop me a line!


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